We started Boltmade a little under four years ago for one simple reason: to craft awesome software products.

We began creating who and what we are today from a single desk in a small office in Waterloo. Those first projects and initial client relationships were the start of something special. We explored different approaches to building software. We discovered what was awesome and what wasn’t. We hired our first employees. Through all of this, our priority remained to empower everyone at Boltmade to do great work for our clients. Everything was built upon this respect for everyone we worked with.

Every year we matured, gained new perspectives, and refined our craft. A family of 3 grew to 21. Working with bootstrapped startups, local company gems, and Fortune 500 companies spanning the globe helped us reach our fullest potential. We became even more than we set out to be.

We spread the power of design thinking. We hosted hundreds of events and workshops with thousands of attendees. We wrote a book. We taught dozens of companies how to build products better. We upleveled our entire community.

There were many milestones, each bigger than the last. And today we celebrate our next milestone. With great excitement we are thrilled to share with all of you:

We've been acquired by

Shopify leads the commerce industry, helping businesses of all sizes achieve success. We're excited to be joining Shopify's enterprise offering, Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus offers high-growth, high-volume merchants a cloud-based, fully hosted enterprise commerce platform, without the limitations of legacy solutions. Shopify is one of Canada’s best and most exciting companies, and we are honoured and humbled to now be joining them on this journey.

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What's next?

This milestone gives the Boltmade family an opportunity to take everything we’ve learned and share it on a scale that was just not possible before. Most importantly, this marks the next step in empowering everyone to level-up their craft.

Thanks to everyone who has joined us along the way, who gave us opportunities to grow and share, who took a chance on us. Special thanks to our amazing current and former team members:

  • Adam Wathan
  • Alex Gomez
  • Anton Shevchenko
  • Austin Park
  • Ben Morris
  • Blake Stevenson
  • Brent Lintner
  • Brian Potstra
  • Chris Feher
  • Chris Thi
  • Christof Dumke
  • Christopher Vollick
  • Dan Reynolds
  • David Jensenius
  • Eric Roberts
  • Ernest Wong
  • Fahia Mohamed
  • Hayden Holligan
  • Jaco Joubert
  • James Blashill
  • Jason Kurian
  • Jeremy Lan
  • Jesse McGinnis
  • Jesse Rodgers
  • Jesse Rogers
  • Jim Murphy
  • Joe Cardwell
  • Jonathan Lamothe
  • Josh Doncaster-Marsiglio
  • Josh Teeter
  • Justin Filip
  • Kathi Taylor
  • Katie Cerar
  • Kimberly Tee
  • Mark Connolly
  • Matt Kuzyk
  • Michelle Ellis
  • Nathan Arnold
  • Robert Barlow-Busch
  • Ryan Caught
  • Scott Weber
  • Sean Amadio
  • Shan Lian
  • Stephen Paul Weber
  • Thomas Broadley
  • Tim Carr
  • Yang Chen
  • Zachary Reyno-Chiasson

P.S. Come join us at Shopify!

The team is still growing and we'd love to have you join us:

We're hiring!